How do we ensure compliance?

​​​​​TDIA prefers to work with licensees, and offers advice and assistance to ensure that food safety legislation and environmental requirements are understood and met. 

Officers of the TDIA are authorised under the Dairy Industry Act 1994, the Food Act 2003, and the Export Control Act 1982 to enforce the provisions of those Acts as they relate to food safety and dairy effluent management. 

TDIA enforces legislation using a graduated approach, in accordance with the Australia New Zealand Food Regulation Enforcement Strategy​.

TDIA undertakes audits of farms annually, and factories are audited at least biannually.  If requirements are not met at audit, TDIA can take several actions, ranging from issuing advice, requesting that corrective actions be undertaken by a certain date, or issuing show cause letters to the licensee. 

In some instances, TDIA has suspended licences where it can be shown that the farm or factory poses a risk to public health or the environment, until such time as the operator can comply with food safety and/or environmental requirements. 

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