Licensee Training

​​​The Tasmanian Dairy Industry is committed to offering reduced price, nationally accredited training for licensees to assist with increasing knowledge and skills in food safety. 

We want the Tasmanian dairy industry to continue to produce the safe, quality products they are well known for, and we are willing to invest in our producers to help achieve this.

In 2019, TDIA offered courses in Principles and Applications of HACCP; and Root Cause Analysis – Quality Management Systems, both delivered by SAI Global, with half of the training costs covered by TDIA.  In all, 28 people attending the training courses.
Feedback from both training courses was positive, with many participants commenting that the training provided skills that will be beneficial to their workplace and will help them develop their food safety plans and identify any product issues should they arise.

Participants were asked if they had ideas on training they would like to see TDIA offer in 2020, with this feedback being consolidated and discussions beginning on how this training can be delivered.

If you are interested in receiving training or have an idea about what training you would like to see offered in 2022/23, please feel free to email the TDIA.

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