​​​​​​​​Dairy factories in Tasmania manufacture a vast range of high quality dairy products, sought after by many markets.  Tasmanian dairy products benefit from Tasmania's clean, green reputation.  

Dairy factories and TDIA have an important role in protecting this image and branding, and TDIA undertake audits of dairy factories at least bi-annually to confirm that approved food safety progams are followed, to ensure products are safe for human consumption. 

Audits are the perfect time to discuss issues you may have, or to ask about audit points you are not sure about.

When to contact TDIA

  • If you intend to make new products
    You must contact us and submit Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point plans for new products you intend to make - before you trial or make them. 

  • If you make changes to your business
    You must contact us if you change your key personnel, food safety systems, significant pieces of equipment, or if you change your premises - either by moving or by modifying existing premises.  All these aspects can have an impact on the production of safe food, so please contact us to discuss.

  • If required under your licence conditions
    You must contact us ​if any of the items listed in the Dairy Factory Licence conditions require you to - for example if you detect human pathogenic organisms in your product.  Standard Dairy Factory Licence Conditions are found here:

  Dairy Factory Licence Conditions   (20Kb)​

  • ​If you detect inhibitory substances exceeding the MRL
    It is a requirement for a factory to notify the TDIA of the detection of inhibitory substances exceeding the MRL, by fax, phone or email within 2 working days after the initial indication of the result. Written details of such incidents must be provided within 3 working days. The form used for this can be found here:

  • Anytime you need help
    You can also contact us to discuss any issues you may have with your manufacturing - we are happy to help with issues, and have a lot of information to assist. Or, you can visit our Resources page​ for information and links to help you with any problems you may have. 

Resources available on our website:

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