​​​​​​​​Dairy farmers are visited by TDIA annually to check that their food safety and effluent management systems are operating in accordance with their approved food safety plan and effluent management plan.  

When we visit, it's a good time to ask questions for anything you are unsure about, and to update TDIA on any changes you have in mind for your farm.

When to contac​​t TDIA

  • If you change your farm details
    Contact TDIA if you change address, contact person or business structure.

  • If you increase your herd size or if you change the way you do things
    For these types of changes you must review your effluent management plan. If you change your plan, make sure TDIA approves the new or amended plan and that a copy is kept with TDIA. Allow 60 days from date of submission of the plan to be assessed by the TDIA.  Contact TDIA if you need help with this.

  • If your effluent system fails or if you have an effluent spill that could leave your property
    You must contact your local Council and TDIA.

  • If you are planning changes to your dairy shed
    You should contact your local Council and TDIA so that planning approvals can be obtained if needed and effluent management plans updated.

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