About TDIA4340Information about how the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority is structured and how it operates.20/02/2020 5:33:16 AM Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TDIA) is an independent statutory government authority fully funded by the dairy industry TDIA is established under the Tasmanian Dairy 349htmlFalseaspx
Feedback4342Send an email message to us10/10/2018 9:58:29 PMPlease use this form to make a comment or suggestion, ask a question, or report a problem If you have asked for an email response you can expect to hear from us within three 2705htmlFalseaspx
Resources4345Legislation, Codes of Practice, industry information and technical notes. Recall information30/04/2018 4:51:00 AMTDIA operates with a small workforce so that the cost to the industry is reduced - however we are able to utilise the resources of the dairy industry as a whole in Australia to 329htmlFalseaspx
Search4346Search the content of our site6/08/2015 1:10:39 AMSearch the content of our site 81htmlFalseaspx
Contact Us4341How to contact the business units and staff of the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority26/07/2019 2:46:42 AMTasmanian Dairy Industry Authority  PO Box 303, Devonport  Tas  7310 In the event of a food safety issue, please call immediately - do not rely on email htmlFalseaspx
Items of Interest434321/11/2018 10:56:47 PMThis page provides you with information on how to prepare for a COVID-19 event on-farm, and how to manage if you do have a COVID-19 positive worker We have one lucky new iPad owner htmlFalseaspx
Operating a dairy business4344For those that are already operating as a dairy farmer, dairy factory or a vendor of dairy products.30/04/2018 3:31:31 AMDairy food business operators need to be aware of the on-going requirements of their licence conditions FarmersOngoing requirements for dairy farm operators and when to contact us htmlFalseaspx
Starting a dairy business4347Farmers, processes/manufacturers and vendors need to operate under an appropriate licence. The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TDIA) is responsible for the food safety licensing, inspection and auditing of dairy processors and dairy farms.30/07/2018 5:44:23 AMAll dairy farmers who sell their milk (or supply it to their own factory) need a licence Anyone who makes bottled milk or makes dairy products, including yoghurt, cheese htmlFalseaspx
Management of TDIA4348Current Board members of TDIA8/08/2019 12:16:25 AMIn accordance with Section 6 of the Dairy Industry Act 1994, TDIA is governed by a Board appointed by the Minister for Primary Industries and Water two members who have a wide 83htmlFalseaspx
How do we work with other regulatory bodies?4349Describes the interactions of the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority with other government entities1/05/2018 3:24:38 AMTDIA works closely with local, State and Commonwealth bodies to ensure that legislation is applied fairly and consistently, whilst protecting consumers and our markets 32htmlFalseaspx
How do we ensure compliance?4350Audits, corrective actions, licence suspension, revocation10/09/2018 1:10:26 AMTDIA prefers to work with licensees, and offers advice and assistance to ensure that food safety legislation and environmental requirements are understood and met 44htmlFalseaspx
How does TDIA assist?4351The Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority provides advice and assistance for new and existing licensees. 30/04/2018 4:30:54 AMTDIA works closely with new manufacturers before they become licensed to ensure they are aware of their obligations, and to offer advice and assistance In the event of a factory 40htmlFalseaspx
Planning and Financial Information4352TDIA Strategic Plan and Annual Reports and Audited Financial Reports21/10/2018 11:54:30 PMThe TDIA Strategic Plan for the period July 2018 - June 2021 can be downloaded here TDIA Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority PO Box 208htmlFalseaspx
General4364Links to resources available nationally to assist dairy businesses.9/08/2019 4:22:26 AMDairy Australia provides many resources for farmers and industry, including ​animal management, farm business management, industry statistics, industry outlook, and information on 107htmlFalseaspx
Pathogen Manual 20134442829/07/2016 5:14:54 AMGuidelines for Dairy industry response to pathogen detections in dairy product and the processing environment The Implementation Sub-Committee for Food Regulation (ISFR) Chair 24
TDIA Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021444318/02/2019 2:19:48 AMThe Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TDIA) is the independent statutory authority responsible for regulating Tasmania’s dairy industry to ensure the safety of consumers, and 26
Vendor Application Form4443230/07/2018 6:40:59 AMStony Rise Government Offices, Rundle Road, Devonport 7310 P O Box 303, Devonport Tas 7310 Applicant details Mandatory fields or sections marked with I am the applicant or I am 94
Vendor Licence Conditions4443327/04/2018 6:10:06 AMVendors must be licensed by the TDIA To operate as a vendor you must comply with the provisions of the Dairy Industry Act 1994, (including any Codes of Practice developed under 36
ANZDAC Validation and Verification of Heat Treatment Equipment and Processes4456731/07/2008 4:01:59 AMGuidelines for Food Safety: Validation and Verification of Heat Treatment Equipment and Processes 1 June 07 Validation and Verification of Heat Treatment Equipment and Processes 34
Dairy Factory Licence Conditions445691/05/2018 2:38:25 AMTo operate as a dairy processor/manufacturer you must comply with the requirements of all applicable food laws, including the Dairy Industry Act 1994, the Food Act 2003, Australia 46

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