Starting a dairy business

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Who needs a licence?
  • All dairy farmers who sell their milk (or supply it to their own factory) need a licence.
  • Anyone who makes bottled milk or makes dairy products, including yoghurt, cheese, butter, ice cream, powdered dairy products, and other products with a dairy component of greater than 50%.  This includes people who want to make small amounts of dairy products to sell at their local markets or exchange for other goods.
  • Vendors who carry or sell market milk (which includes packaged milk, cream and other dairy products).
There are some circumstances where you will not require a licence to make dairy products. 

If you are uncertain whether you need a licence, please contact us​ to discuss your business, as you may be in breach of the Dairy Industry Act 1994 if you continue to manufacture.​

Licence Fees from 1st July 2023
  • Application for Vendor Licence $178.00
  • Application for Dairy Manufacturer or Processor Licence $178.00
  • Application for Dairy Farmer Licence $178.00

Under the existing Dairy Industry Act 1994, the TDIA each year issues licence renewal notices. The existing licence fees which apply are:
  • Dairy Vendor Licence $96.80
  • Dairy Processor or Manufacturer Licence (large manufacturers) $3,920.13
  • Dairy Processor or Manufacturer Licence (small manufacturers) $653.36
In addition to the above fees, the TDIA has licence fees due and payable monthly from Manufacturers and Dairy Farmers currently calculated on the cost per litre of milk of $0.0003267.  

In this Topic

  • Farmers
    How to apply for a Tasmanian dairy farmer licence.
  • Factories
    How to apply for a dairy manufacturing or dairy processing business licence.
  • Vendors
    What is a dairy vendor, and how are they licensed?


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