​​​​Dairy Manufacturers are defined as businesses that take milk and transform it into other products for sale - such as cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, powdered milk and other dairy products.

Dairy Processors are defined as businesses that process milk and cream into packaged cartons and bottles for sale.

Some businesses will be both dairy manufacturers and dairy processors, and we refer to all types of businesses as factories.

Not all businesses that manufacture dairy products will be required to have a licence - some retail establishments that manufacture and sell on site, such as restaurants, do not need to be licensed with TDIA as their local Council will take responsibility for these businesses. 

However, if a business manufactures and sells on site but also sells at other premises, such as an ice cream retailer that also supplies other stores, they will require licensing.

If you have any doubts about whether you need to be licensed, please call us and we will be happy to advise you further.

Dairy Factory Application Process

It can take some time for a dairy manufacturing or processing business to achieve licensing by TDIA. Some key things to consider are:
  1. Do your homework:
    • Do you have the skills and knowledge required to manufacture high risk dairy food products?
    • Are you ready for the challenge of running a business?
    • Have you considered how you will market your product?
    • Will you sell locally or export?
    • Do you know the costs of operation, including product testing costs?
    • The  Are You Trade Ready?​ website will help you explore these questions.
  2. Make contact early with TDIA and your local Council to ensure your premises meet requirements - you may need to obtain planning approvals for new or modified premises. 

  3. Develop a written food safety program to identify and control potential food safety hazards in the food manufacturing process. This can be a complex process that takes time to get right, but it is the most important part of your application.  TDIA has resources to help you with this process, and provides feedback on your program to assist you. Read the Requirements for Factories document listed below to help develop your program. 

  4. Lodge your application form, application fees and food safety program with TDIA for assessment. 

These documents will help you understand your obligations as a dairy manufacturer or processor:

Download the Dairy Manufacturer or Processor Licence Application Form


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