​​​​To operate a dairy farm in Tasmania, you must hold a current dairy farmer licence, issued by the Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority (TDIA) under the Dairy Industry Act 1994

The Dairy Industry Act 1994 defines a dairy farmer as the owner ( or person in charge) of a premises where cows (or other non-bovine animals such as sheep or goats) are kept or milked for the purpose of producing milk for profit or sale.  This includes farmers who supply milk to themselves for bottling or making into dairy products. 

Dairy farmers harvest and store milk, which is a high-risk product due to its ability to harbour and grow bacteria that can be harmful to human health. 

To reduce or eliminate this risk, dairy farmers must develop and implement a food safety program. TDIA audit dairy premises annually to check that this program is being followed. 

Dairy Farmer Licen​​ce Application Process

To obtain a licence from TDIA for your dairy farm, you will need to address all necessary requirements -- regardless of whether you are taking over an existing dairy farm, converting to a dairy operation, or building a new dairy premises. 

Please refer to the Dairy Farmer Licence Application Steps link below for guidance. 

As a first point of call​, contact the TDIA, your local Council and your preferred milk supply company to ensure that your plans and/or premises meet their requirements. You may need to obtain planning approvals for new or modified premises.
If you intend to supply milk to a company that will make raw milk cheese, there are some other requirements that need to be met.  More information on these can be provided by TDIA. 

Please note, it can take up to four weeks for the application review and licence approval process. Make sure TDIA is aware of your plans well before you wish to begin milking. 

These documents will help you with understanding your obligations as a dairy farmer

  Primary Production and Processing Standard for Dairy Products - Dairy Primary Production   (2Mb)

  Farm Dairy Premises Effluent Management Code of Practice   (544Kb)

  Dairy Farmer Licence Conditions   (312Kb)

​Download the Dairy Farmer Licence Application Form


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